Search and Replace — Multiple Files

The search panel for searching multiple files is known as Find in Files.


Keyboard shortcuts related to Find in Files:

Open Find in Files Ctrl + Shift + F
Toggle regular expressions Alt + R
Toggle case sensitivity Alt + C
Toggle exact matches Alt + W
Find next Enter

Search Filters

The Where field in Find in Files limits the search scope. You can define filters in several ways:

  • Adding individual directories (Unix-style paths, even on Windows)
  • Adding/excluding files based on wildcards
  • Adding symbolic locations (<open folders>, <open files>…)

Relative paths in filters are interpreted to start at the root of the active project.

It is also possible to combine filters using commas. You can combine filters in any order.


Combining Where scopes in Find in Files

Press the button in the search panel to display a menu containing filtering options.

Results Format

You can customize how results are displayed using buttons available in the Find in Files panel. These are the available options:

  • Show in separate view (Use Buffer)
  • Show context

Find in Files results displayed in a view


Buttons for customizing the Find in Files results