Command Palette

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Reference for Command Palette
Complete documentation on the command palette options.


The command palette is an interactive list bound to Ctrl+Shift+P whose purpose is to execute commands. The command palette is fed entries with commands files. Usually, commands that don’t warrant creating a key binding of their own are good candidates for inclusion in a .sublime-commands file.

File Format (Commands Files)

Commands files use JSON and have the .sublime-commands extension.

Here’s an excerpt from Packages/Default/Default.sublime-commands:

    { "caption": "Project: Save As", "command": "save_project_as" },
    { "caption": "Project: Close", "command": "close_project" },
    { "caption": "Project: Add Folder", "command": "prompt_add_folder" },

    { "caption": "Preferences: Default File Settings", "command": "open_file", "args": {"file": "${packages}/Default/Base File.sublime-settings"} },
    { "caption": "Preferences: User File Settings", "command": "open_file", "args": {"file": "${packages}/User/Base File.sublime-settings"} },
    { "caption": "Preferences: Default Global Settings", "command": "open_file", "args": {"file": "${packages}/Default/Global.sublime-settings"} },
    { "caption": "Preferences: User Global Settings", "command": "open_file", "args": {"file": "${packages}/User/Global.sublime-settings"} },
    { "caption": "Preferences: Browse Packages", "command": "open_dir", "args": {"dir": "$packages"} }
Text for display in the command palette.
Command to be executed.
Arguments to pass to command.

How to Use the Command Palette

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+P
  2. Select command

The command palette filters entries by context, so whenever you open it, you won’t always see all the commands defined in every .sublime-commands file.