About This Documentation


Development of Sublime Text has moved on to version 3.

As a result, this branch for Sublime Text 2 will not be updated any more. Please select the latest branch in the panel on the bottom left and consider updating Sublime Text.

This is the unofficial documentation for the Sublime Text editor, maintained by volunteers. We hope it’s useful!

The sublime what? What are you talking about!?

Sublime Text is a text editor for code and prose. It does away with many repetitive tasks so you can focus on your work. And it’s fun to use!

Before you continue, we encourage you to read through the Basic Concepts section.

Happy learning!

Contributing to the Documentation

If you are known to Sublime Text and want to contribute to this documentation, head over to the github repo. We use Sphinx to create these pages.

Furthermore, for every individual page in this documentation there are three github-related links in the left navigation column. Pick one appropriate to your needs.