Search and Replace - Single File


Development of Sublime Text has moved on to version 3.

As a result, this branch for Sublime Text 2 will not be updated any more. Please select the latest branch in the panel on the bottom left and consider updating Sublime Text.


To open the search panel for buffers, press Ctrl + F. Some options in the search panel and search actions can be controlled with the keyboard:

Toggle Regular Expressions Alt + R
Toggle Case Sensitivity Alt + C
Toggle Exact Match Alt + W
Find Next Enter
Find Previous Shift + Enter
Find All Alt + Enter

Replacing Text

You can open the replace planel with Ctrl + H.

Replace All: Ctrl + Alt + Enter


Other Ways of Searching in Buffers

Goto Anything provides the operator # to search in the current buffer, see Goto Anything directives.

Other Key Bindings to Search in Buffers

These keybindings work when the search panel is hidden.

Search Forward Using Most Recent Pattern F3
Search Backwards Using Most Recent Pattern Shift + F3
Select All Matches Using Most Recent Pattern Alt + F3